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From: rimpigfl
Subject: THE MARINE NEXT DOOR 1Disclaimer: This is just a story. And it's about a Marine. Not a real one,
of course. Kind of a preteen sex vidoes
melding preteen vute
of a lot of them fotos manga preteen
I've known in my life. Any
resemblance to any actual Marine is purely coincidence - but if there is, I
do wish he'd write me! Anyway, you know the drill, if you don't like sex
between males, what are you doing here? And if your Country, State,
Province, City, Town or Village won't let you read this preteen tgp nude
kind of stuff -
MOVE!!! Somewhere where you can!Oh, one more thing. This story is dedicated to my friend PUP, who just
LOVES Marines and stories about them. I hope he loves this one. And I kind
of hope it would come true for him.
by RimPig (c) 2002When I was 18 years old, my mom and me moved to a small town on preteen underwear girl the
California coast because preteen russian fucking she got a better job. My Dad had left years before
and we were left pretty poor because, of course, the bastard disappeared
and never paid child support. If it wasn't for some pictures my mother
keeps hidden in a drawer (which of course I found) I wouldn't even know
what the asshole looked like.Unfortunately, he looked a lot like I do. Or I look like him, depending on
which way you want to look at it. First of all, I'm small for my age. I'm
only 5' 7" tall. I have dark hair and deep blue eyes. I was sickly as a kid
and got held back in 3rd grade so I'm only a senior in high school at 18.
I don't have what you would call a muscular body, but I dirty preteen model do have a swimmer's
build. In fact, I was a swimmer all through middle and high school. It was
the only sport that someone my height and being slender could really excel
at. I only weigh 150 pounds. I don't particularly think of myself as
handsome or anything, but nudist preteen voyeur my face wouldn't stop a clock either.I suppose I should be grateful to my Dad for one thing he evidently gifted
me with genetically. A big cock! It really started growing when I hit
puberty and now measure a little over 10 inches. mistress pre teen And on my small body -
that looks enormous! Come to think of it, on practically anybody's body it
would be enormous. I'm also uncut because Dad insisted on it. So I guess I
have him to thank for that as well.I'm used to getting stares in the showers. After all, it hangs almost 7"
soft. Unfortunately, my name is Brian Connors, so naturally I got the
nickname "BC". But it wasn't for my initials, if you get my
meaning. Luckily, in this new high school, I little preteen porn just tell people the "BC"
stands for my initials and let it go at that.But it's rough russian preteen russian being a new kid in a school your nn preteenmodel
senior year! I didn't
really care about my old school. I didn't have any real friends there
anyway. I tend to be very shy and don't make friends easily. And that trait
got worse in me about the time I turned 13.It was then that puberty started hitting, my cock started growing and I was
pounding loads out of it three and four times a day! Nothing wrong with
that. But the problem was, all I was jacking off to were fantasies of guys!
I knew I'd illegal x preteens never had any particular interest in girls but just figured that
would come along with age. No such luck. By the time I was 14, I knew that
I was one lollipop porn preteen
of those "Fags" that guys loved to put down in school. This made
me withdraw even worse.And the worst part was - underedge preteen nude
here I was 18 and, as the old saying goes, "never
been kissed". Never been anything! I was a virgin. And I wasn't fucking
happy about it! But I didn't know what to do about it, either. I mean, I
didn't hang with other guys because I was afraid they'd find out I was
Gay. preteen tgp usenet And how the fuck are you going to ever have sex with another guy if
you aren't ever around them?And preteen ukrainian pussy
now, we were thousands of miles away from any people that I knew, so I
figured I'd just forget it. Yeah! Right! Try telling that to an 18 year old
cock that spent 22 hours a day hard! At least it seemed that way
sometimes. And, on somebody as small as I am, all that meat hard is going
to show! I think I had my books permanently welded to the front of my jeans
ever since freshman year! And we won't talk about the number of pairs of
underwear I ruin with the pre- cum that leaks out of it!Anyway, I figured that I would be a virgin for the rest of my life. That
is, until about six months after we moved into our apartment.Now, this apartment building wasn't in what you would call a "high rent"
district. It was old and cheap. The walls were paper thin and you could
hear everything going on in the apartment above and below you and on either
side. But it was the only 2 bedroom that Mom could afford. At least it preteen child porno
have a pool, but I've come to believe that California has a law somewhere
that every apartment building has to have a pool because I've never seen
one without it.There was this couple who lived next door who's bedroom shared a wall with
mine. They had to have the worst marriage I'd ever heard - and "heard" I
did! They fought all the time. Especially in the bedroom. I often was kept
up until 2 or 3 in the morning nude preteen pic
with their yelling and throwing things at
each other. Luckily, after a few months, the inevitable happened and they
split up. They also, thank God!, move out. I didn't know who was going to
move in next, but I figured it had to preteen porn nonnude
be better.Well, God must have really been smiling down on me because what moved in
was not another couple but three of the most beautiful, studly Marine's
you've ever seen in your life! Now, I'd known that there was a Marine base
somewhere near us, having seen young Marines around town. But they were
always in bars and places I couldn't go. And, in my mind, they were all
chasing 'pussy'. So the idea of actually getting into bed with one of them
didn't even enter my mind.I saw them the first day they moved in. The first two I saw were really
good looking! One had very dark hair and eyes and seemed to be
Hispanic. The other one had dark red or auburn hair and green eyes. The
both were around six feet tall and both had outstanding musculature which I
got to feast my eyes on preteen bbs manga
from my bedroom window while they unpacked their
U-Haul truck. They were wearing boots and these really preteen dee desi cool little shorts
which I later learned were called "BDU's". They had quickly taken their
shirts off and I could almost smell the sweat of their bodies from my 2nd
floor window!Oh, did I mention that the smell of a guy's illegal preteen webcam
body really turns me on? Not a
bad smell, like when he hasn't showered for a week or anything. But I loved
the smell of other sweaty jocks in the locker room after practice.Anyway, I was just about to go back to what I was doing - homework, when
all of a sudden a third Marine appeared. I couldn't believe it! This one
was so beautiful he made the other two look ordinary by comparison! He was
over six feet tall (actually 6'2" I found out later) with dark blond hair
and blue eyes the color of cornflowers! His body was incredibly developed -
not over developed, but with bulges and cuts in all art naked preteen the right places and a
six-pack I was sure you could bounce a quarter off of!His muscular chest was covered with a light dusting of hair which glinted
in the sunlight like pure gold and a treasure trail that led down across
his 6 pack into his incredibly tight shorts. And tight they were! You could
see his beautiful bubble butt in all it's glory and what looked to be a
substantial bulge in the groin. He preteen nude samples also had a splash of freckles across his
nose that was so incredibly cute I just about came in my pants just looking
at him. And looking I was! In fact, I hate to admit it, I was looking at
him through a pair of binoculars! Which is how preteen 100 best I could see the freckles.Ok, I'm not a Peeping Tom or anything, but when I saw them, I wanted a
closer look without them being aware that I was checking them out. These
are Marines, after all! Uncle Sam's Misguided Children! Men who are taught
to kill 12 different ways with their bare hands! If they took exception to
me staring at them, I could be a long time dead! So, I took the most
careful precautions so that I wouldn't arouse any homophobia they might
harbor.Like I said, I was going to stop watching, but after this gorgeous hunk of
a Marine showed up, I couldn't! There was just something about him. I could
see, just in the silent interaction that he was having with the other two
that, first of all, they showed him a lot of respect and deference and
secondly, he didn't seem to lord it over the other two guys. He pitched asian porno preteens in
and did more work than they did.I could hear them as they tramped down the hall in front of our apartment
door and considered going out and asking if they gallery preteens pedo needed any help. What help
somebody as small as me - compared to them - would be, I wasn't sure. But
it just seemed the 'neighborly' thing to do. Ok, and I'd get to take deep
whiffs of their sweaty bodies at the same time! I didn't say I was a saint!I heard them heading for the door of their apartment, heading down for
another load and stepped out into the hall. The hall was filled with the
aroma of hot, sweaty male animal and I thought I would faint from taking in
too much air! I screwed up my courage."Hi, guys! Just moving in?" I greeted them.Never let it be said that I could pass up the obvious!"Hey, kid!" The beautiful one answered. "Know where we could get some beer
around here?""Well, there's a 7-11 about 3 blocks from here over on Doheny." I answered."What's you name, kid?" he asked me."Brian." I said. I was not about to tell them my nickname!"Well, Brian, why don't you come with me and show me european nude preteen
where it is so I can
get some beer to keep these animals tamed." he said, referring preteen video gallaries to his two
room mates."Sure!" I said.Oh, my God! This couldn't be more perfect if I'd planned it!We headed downstairs and he introduced me to playground preteen models his two room mates."The New York Puerto Rican over there is Domingo and this Irish bastard is
Tim." he said."Yeah! And the pale white boy is Corporal Tyler Harrison!" Domingo said,
punching Tyler in the shoulder."You lived here long, Brian?" Tyler asked me as we got into his Jeep
Wrangler."Nah! Only for six months. My mom and I came out hear from Pennsylvania
'cause she got a better job." I said."How old are you, anyway?" Tyler asked."I'm 18. Gonna be 19 in December." I told him."You're shitting me, right? You don't look much over sexy preteen modeling 15!" he laughed.Oh, great! Just fucking great! He thinks I'm just some preteen movie tgp
kid!"So how old are you, Corporal?" I nude preteens top asked."Hey, I'm only Corporal on base! Call me Ty. preteen star girls I'm 22." he said.We talked more nudists preteens shock as I showed him where the store was and went inside with him
while he bought four six-packs. I found out he was from a small town in
Iowa and had actually grown up on a farm. He'd joined the Corps right after
high school to get out of there! He said he didn't want to end up running a
farm like his old man did. He wanted to see something of the world."So what do you do for fun around here?" he asked me."Not really a whole lot. Transferring into high school in your senior year
really makes you an preteens sexo young outsider. I haven't been able to make any friends. I
mostly spend time at home. I rent movies and stuff like that. My mother is
a nurse, so she works all kinds of weird hours. Most of the time, I'm
pretty much alone." I told him honestly.There was something about Ty. It wasn't his looks, though God knows he had
those! There was just something about him that made him easy to talk to and
caused me to have feelings stirring somewhere other than my groin for once
in my life! I really liked him! And for some reason, it was really
important that he like me."Doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun." he said and gave me a very kind
smile."Oh, I go to the beach and swim a lot. I was on the swim team at home." I
said."Yeah, I can tell that. You've got a swimmer's body on you." he said.What's this? He's checking out my bod?! Why would he do that? I mean, I've
been checking out his ever since he drove up in the parking lot, but why
would he check me out?By that time, we were back at the apartment building and went up to the
floor where our apartments were. When we got there, I went to unlock our
front door to head back to my room."Hey! Where you going, Brian. Aren't you gonna have some beer with us? I
mean, that's why I bought 4 rape preteen nude six-packs. I figure you're not old enough to
buy it yourself yet." he smiled at me.My heart raced. He wanted me to join them? I was being accepted by 3 studly
Marines! Nah! He's just being nice because I showed him where the store
was. But, what the fuck! I followed him into their apartment.Their apartment was just like ours. It was two bedrooms. I wondered what
the sleeping arrangements were going to be with 3 guys but quickly learned
that 'rank has it's privileges' and Ty got the master bedroom all to
himself. He was also paying half the rent. But it put his bedroom right
next to mine! We would be one thin wall from each other. I wondered if he
jacked off and if he made noise when he came?Oh, fuck! I shouldn't start thinking shit like that. My cock is already
half japaneese preteen pics hard and with my cock, half hard is bigger than most guys with a full
hardon! And I had on very tight jeans so the fucker was going to really
show down my pants leg! In fact, I would almost bet that I saw Ty and the
other two guys kind of look down and check it out! But I knew I must be
crazy! Why would they do that?Anyway, by that time, Ty had handed me a beer and I was slowly sipping
it. I didn't want him to know that I'd never had beer before. And I didn't
want to get drunk and make a fool of myself. Or worse, get drunk and say
something that would give away that I was Gay. Ty kind of watched me
drinking though and I think he got the idea that this was something new to
me.The three Marines had evidently gone through boot-camp together and they
had lots of stories to tell about their experiences. I listened in awe
while these guys talked about their lives as Marines and bantered with each
other in the way males do. There preteen is wet
was a lot of swearing and name-calling but
none of it angry. All of it girl preteen feet just in fun. Even though I wasn't saying
anything, I really did feel included by them. It was an awesome feeling to
feel like I was a part of something - not on the outside looking in like I
usually was."Hey, which one of you lazy fuckers is going to cook dinner?" Tyler asked."Cook? What do you mean, cook?" Domingo said in his New York accent."Yeah, bro! Neither one of us knows how to cook!" Tim laughed."Aw...fuck! I have to end up with fucking Jarheads who are worthless!" Ty
chuckled."I can cook."I heard that come from somewhere and suddenly realized it had come out of
my mouth! Oh, shit!"You can, Brian?" Ty asked."Sure. Like I told you, with Mom working crazy hours and me on my own a
lot, I had to learn." I said."Are you any good at it?" He asked, giving me a look."Mom says I am. I always have dinner ready for her when she gets home. And
I haven't died yet!" I answered."Ok! That solves that problem! We'll let the kid cook for us!" Domingo
yelled."Like fuck we will!" Ty whipped around and gave Domingo a look I wouldn't
want to get from him. "He's not a grunt and we can't have him being our
slave! And he's not a kid. He's 18." Ty said.Oh my God! Ty was sticking up for me! I couldn't believe it! Oh this guy
was WAY beyond nice!Domingo settled right down."Look, I know you guys haven't had the chance to go to the store or
anything, and hot preteens galleries
you still have all this unpacking to do." I motioned to all
the boxes lying all over the place. "Why don't you let me make dinner for
you tonight. That way you can continue unpacking and not starve." I said hottie pre teen to
Ty."Well..." said Ty, looking at the other two who anxiously sat with a look
on their faces that said they were begging Ty to say yes. "Ok. But on one
condition! We pay for the preteen hardon pic food and we pay you!" Ty said, looking back at
me."No Deal!" I said.I don't know where I got the nerve to say it! It just sort of popped out!
Ty looked shocked."You pay for the food, but I don't nude preteenboys porn
need you to pay me. I'm doing this as a
neighbor and hopefully a friend. Where I come from, friends don't pay
friends for helping them!" I said, looking Ty square in the eye.Ty just sat there europe preteen nudes for a few moments digesting what I'd said. And then he
got this very soft look in those beautiful blue eyes of his."I'm sorry, Brian! Friends don't pay friends where I come from either. And
why you'd want to be friends with a bunch of hell-raising Jarheads is
beyond me, but you're certainly welcome! Right, guys?" he said, turning to
the other two."Yeah! Right!" they both answered and suddenly I was having my hand pumped
and my back slapped by three very happy Marines. But none of them were as
happy as I was!"Ok, tell me what you guys like to eat." I asked."Meat!" they all three yelled at once! "And lots of it!" Ty said."Ok, that's easy! I can definitely handle that!" I said. I had this recipe
for marinaded London Broil which took almost no time gymnastic preteens at all. I figured some
baked potatoes and a green salad and maybe a pie for dessert - which I
could buy frozen. No problem!"But there's a problem. We've got a kitchen, but we don't have anything to
cook with yet!" Ty said."That's no problem." I said. "I'll just cook it all in our apartment. That
way I'll be out of your way while you guys work on moving in!""Hey! That works!" Ty said, putting his hand horney preteen porn
on my shoulder. "You sure
you're ok with this Brian? I really don't want to impose on you." he said,
a soft tone in his voice."As many night as I eat alone in front of the television set! You think I
would pass up a chance to get to eat with some guys for a change?!" I told
him.His eyes got really soft then and I could feel his hand squeezing gently on
my shoulder. I was scared to death that if he did it much more, Mr. Pants
Snake was going to pop full hard so fast it would rip the seam of my jeans!
But I wasn't about to tell him to stop! No matter what. I just sat there,
basking in the warmth of his eyes and his smile."Well, I'd better get you some money!" he said and then turned to the other
guys. "Ok you fucking scumbuckets - hand over money!" he yelled like a
Marine Corps drill sergeant.He handed me forty dollars which was WAY more than I was going to
need. However, I had to remember, I was feeding three Marines! I
immediately doubled all the measurements preteen porn modles
in my head! The Ty did something
that floored me. He handed me the keys to teenage preteen his Jeep. I stood there staring
at bbs cgi preteens
them and then at him."You can drive a stick?" he asked."Well, yeah..." I answered."You got a preteen blonde models license, right?" It was a statement, not a question."Right." I answered."So get your ass preteen schoolgirls models
to the store! You got three hungry Marines who want to
chow down sometime today!" He said, his voice again like a drill sergeant
but a big fucking grin on his face."Sir! Yes, Sir!" I shouted as I'd heard Marines do it in movies and gave
what I hoped was a decent salute.Ty laughed and ruffled russian preteen bondage my hair."So get outta here and let us work!" he laughed."You got it!" I said, making my way out the door.I ran nn preteen upskirt downstairs and hopped in Ty's Jeep. I carefully drove out of the
parking lot and to the nearest Safeway. I picked up a 5 pound London Broil
and all the rest of the food. I even went to the store's bakery and bought
a lemon meringue pie. I carefully drove back to the apartment and began
marinating the meat. I knew that this would take about 3 hours and the
actual cooking would only take a few minutes under the broiler.I was just getting to cleaning the lettuce for the salad and some ears of
fresh corn which I also had picked up when Mom called."So what are you up to, Brian?" she asked."Fixing dinner." I said."Oh, honey, models kind preteen I'm so sorry. I'm not going to be home. dream preteens I have to work a
double." she said, her voice full of apology."Don't worry about it, Mom. There'll be plenty left for you. But I'm having
guests for dinner!" I announced."Guests? Who?" she asked."Our new next door neighbors!" I enthused."Honey, do you think that's a good idea? We don't even know these people!
I've never had a chance to meet them!" she said. Mom is a worrier."Mom, stop worrying! I couldn't be safer if I was in the middle of Camp
Pendleton! The new neighbors are three of the Few, the Proud!" I said."What?! The what?" Mom asked."They're Marines, Mom! And they're really nice guys. Ok? I'm cooking dinner
for them because none of them know how and they don't have any pots or pans
yet. They paid for all the food! We having my famous London Broil!" I told
her."Well, if they're members of the Marines, I guess that's ok. And I love
your London Broil!" she said, sounding better about the whole thing."I'll make sure there's plenty left for you. Ok?" I asked."You must really like these guys! I haven't heard you this excited for a
very long time!" she said."Mom, I gotta go! I've got veggies to wash and stuff to get ready. Ok?" I
said."Ok, Chef! I'll see you in the morning!" Mom said."Bye, Mom!" I said, hanging up the phone and going back to work.I don't know why I did it, I know they wouldn't expect it, but I pulled out
the good china that Mom had gotten for her wedding and the good table cloth
and napkins and the crystal. I even brought out Mom's sterling silver
candlesticks. By the time dinner was ready, the table was beautiful. sexy preteens dancing
I just
wished I had some wine to preteens child xxx
serve, but I couldn't buy that.I went over to Ty and the guy's apartment and knocked on the door. Ty
opened it. He was sweaty and the scent of him hit my nose and I almost lost
it right there."Dinner's ready." I said."Shit! I wanted to get a shower before we ate. Do I have time?" Ty asked."Ahh...not really. Everything is done and it isn't the meal you can hold."
I said.OK, I probably could have, but I didn't want him to wash off all that
scent! I wanted him just like he was."Ok then, you'll just have to put up with the stink!" he said and then
turned back into the apartment. "Hey! Chows on! Move it!" he yelled and we
could both hear the running steps of Domingo and Tim who came running from
one of the bedrooms, still only in a pair of BDU's, just like Ty.We walked over to our apartment and when I opened the door and they three
Marines saw the table they stopped dead and none of them said a word for
several minutes. They just stared."Oh, my God, Brian!" Ty finally said. "You did all this for us?!""Hey, man!" Domingo said, clapping me on the shoulder. candid preteen lollita "I haven't seen a
table like this since the last time I was home with my Mamma for
Christmas!""Yeah!" said Tim. "It's just like home over the holidays!"They continued to stand there. I got worried."Did I do something wrong?" I asked Ty quietly.He looked at me, and I could see tears in his eyes. He reached out and
hugged me to him! Oh, God! To feel those strong, masculine arms around me,
I thought I would faint!"No, little buddy!" Ty husked in my ear. "It's just like being home again!
You don't know how much this means to us!"Letting go of me, they walked over and sat down at the table. I went to the
kitchen free preteens pis
and started bringing out the food. There were exclamations from
them over each dish I brought out. They waited for me to sit down before
they dug in.Ty big dick preteens
was sitting young german preteens on my right and Tim was on my left. Domingo was across the
table from me. For polska preteens a moment as I watched them dig into the food, I thought
I hadn't enough, but there seemed to be."I'm sorry. I didn't have any wine to serve with this but I'm too young to
buy it." I apologized."That's ok!" Ty said. "If I'd known you were going to do all this, I would
have gone with you to get it. Hey, Dom!" he looked over at Domingo."Yeah?" Domingo lifted his face from his plate - which he hadn't done since
he started eating."Get your face out of the trough, man, and run over to our place and get
the rest of the beer, huh?" Ty said."Sure thing!" Domingo said and got up and literally ran out the door.He was back in a few minutes with beer for all of us. I decided it was not
a good idea for me to have any more because I didn't want Mom to come home
and find her son passed out drunk! I went preteen vip to the fridge and got a coke. Ty
noticed but didn't say anything. He just gave me a knowing smile that said
he understood."So when does your Mom get home from work?" Ty asked me."Not until tomorrow morning. She's pulling a double." I said."So what are you going to do tonight?" he asked."Oh, I've got a movie that I want to see. LETHAL WEAPON. It has Danny
Glover and Mel Gibson in it." I said."Yeah, I heard about it when it was out, but I didn't preteen dream tgp
get to see it." Ty
said."You want to watch it with me? Unless you have something else to do?" I
looked down at this, I didn't want to seem to excited."Nope! These guys played around all day and they still have lots to unpack!
I don't have all the crap they do, so I'm done. I'd love to."My heart soared and I looked up and gave Ty a huge smile, which he
returned.So after dinner, Tim and Domingo went back to their apartment and Ty and I
sat down in the living room to watch the tgp ru preteen film."Ah...maybe I better go over and take a shower first, Brian. I'm still all
sweaty from all that moving." he said as we sat down on the couch."You don't have to do that, you can take a shower here." I said."I don't want to impose, Brian." Ty said."It's not imposing! I'll get you a towel." I said, getting up and going to
the linen closet.Ty went into the bathroom and I brought him a towel. When I walked into the
room, he'd already stripped and stood there gloriously, beautifully naked!
My breath was taken away. I was stunned by him. His beautiful, soft cock
hung about six inches soft and was uncut like mine. His balls were huge and
hung in a sack covered in what looked like soft, blond fur. I just stood
there staring, the towel in my hand and Ty just stood there, a gentle smile
on his face and let preteen porn chat me look. I finally came to my senses and looked up at
him, my face turning bright red. But he only smiled at me and reached out
for the towel."Hey, it looks like this shower's big enough. Why don't you join me. You've
been running around all day and did all that cooking. I'm sure a shower
would feel really good." Ty said softly.What the fuck was he saying! Ty, this gorgeous hunk of a Marine was asking
me to take a shower with preteen suck cock him! I couldn't believe my ears! This couldn't be
true! Dreams don't come true like this!Ty moved towards me and grabbed the bottom of my t-shirt, pulling it out of
my jeans and over my head. I opened my jeans and slipped them off along
with my shoes. I didn't have any underwear on so with this I was as naked
as he was. He looked down at my body and I heard a soft whistle come out of
his mouth."Damn! Where the fuck did you get a piece of meat like that?!" he asked."I guess from my Dad. It's about all he ever gave me." I said. "He left us
when I was three and we haven't heard from him since."As I said this, Ty's eyes moved from my groin back up to my face. I saw his
eyes soften as he looked at me."I'm sorry, Brian. The sad fact is that a lot of guys are real
assholes. It's kind of endemic to the sex! But how he could leave someone
as cute as your are is beyond me." he said, his smile growing brighter.Cute? Did he just say I was cute?! Nobody's ever told me I was cute!
Well...except my Mom, but you know mothers! You can't believe them about
stuff like this."I'm not preteen free galley cute!" I said. "I wish I was.""Don't argue with me!" Ty said smiling. "I say you're cute - you're cute!
Ok?"And saying this, he stepped forward and put his arms around my waist,
hugging me to him. daddys preteen whore
Like it was the most natural thing in the world, I
slipped my arms around his neck and hugged back. Oh, God! How good it felt
to be in his arms! I felt my cock getting rock hard between our bodies. But
at the same time, I felt Ty's hard cock rubbing against mine! He looked
down at me and then brought his mouth to mine and softly kissed me. I
thought I would faint! I couldn't believe what was happening!"You're trembling, Brian." Ty said "If this isn't what you want, I'll
stop.""No!" I all but screamed. "I want this! Oh, God! You can't know how much I
want this. I'm just scared.""Why? You're not afraid of me, are you?" Ty asked."No! I've just never done anything like this before! I've wanted to
forever, but soft preteen girl
I was always afraid to." I admitted."Somebody as cute as you are is a virgin?!" Ty said, is voice betraying his
eagerness."Yep! Never been kissed." I said. "Well, not until just now." I added
quietly.Ty leaned down again preteen link pedo
and pushed index photos preteen his lips against mine. I felt his tongue
licking at my upper preteen adult sex lip demanding entry. I opened my mouth to him and his
tongue invaded my mouth. This Marine knew how to hit a beachhead and hold
on! I preteen girl modeld sucked on his tongue and moaned as he held me. Ty finally broke the
kiss and took his arms from round me. He reached up to his neck and took my
hand and led me to the shower.He adjusted the water and then got in, pulling me with him. Under the
rushing water, he rompl preteen fuck
took me back into his arms and again started kissing
me. He was such an incredible kisser! I never wanted his mouth to leave
mine as I plunged my tongue into his mouth and tasted him from the first
time.Again he broke the kiss and he reached for the soap and began to soap my
body with his hands. He started at my chest, gently pulling on my
nipples. That was a shock to me! I'd never known that my nipples were
sensitive! From there his hands moved down my flat stomach to my groin
where he soaped my dark pubic hair and balls. I moaned at this intimate
touch and my cock, which was hard as a rock, was leaking pre-cum like a
faucet! Ty took my hard cock into his hand and began to gently stroke
it. But just for a minute. Then his hand dropped down and he was gently
holding and massaging my balls. I was in heaven! I'd never felt anything
like his hands on my body.Ty defloration preteen brazil put his hands on my shoulders and turned me around. He told me to lean
forward with my hands on the tile wall. As I did do, I felt his hand come
around me and he again massaged and pulled at my nips. A moan escaped my
lips and preteen chest naked I could hear a soft chuckle come from behind me. Ty was evidently
having fun showing me all the places on my body which could be excited. His
hands moved from my chest to soap my pits. He stroked his fingers through
the soft hair there and again I moaned at the touch of him. Next, his hands
moved to my shoulders and he began to lather and massage my back. Now my
groans became preteenmodels naked very loud as he kneaded the muscles in my back, relaxing me
and making me feel so good! Never had I been touched like this and I
couldn't get enough of it!Ty's hands moved lower and lower on my back until he reached my ass. I
didn't know if he would stop or not. I took a chance and kind of pushed my
butt back to let asian preteen top him know that, if he wanted to go farther, preteen sexy videos I was all for
it. He chuckled again and I know I blushed at my own wantonness because I
could feel my face heating up. His hands began to slowly knead my butt and
I was lost in the feeling of his hands. He slid his hand into my trench and
I felt his finger gently stroking up and down finally finding my tiny,
puckered opening. His fingertip worked around in the bud and began to
gently press forward. I tried to relax and just kind of automatically
pushed out and I suddenly felt Ty's finger slip into tulips pussy preteen my hole. The feeling
was incredible! I had no idea that my ass was so sensitive preteen puffy pictures or that
something going 'in' could feel so good.He slowly worked his long finger deep inside me as I stood there moaning
and then I suddenly felt him stroke something deep inside me that almost
caused me to lose my load against the tile! Fuck! What the fuck was
that?!!"That's your prostate. Your 'joy button'" Ty whispered in my ear as if he
could read my mind."God! Ty! It feels so good! You feel so good inside me!" I breathlessly
moaned."Just wait until I'm really inside you!" Ty answered.Really inside me? ilegal preteen pictures Oh, my God! Did he mean underage teen preteen
what I thought he meant? Was he
going to fuck me in the ass! With that huge cock of his! It would never
work! He'd split me in two! At this point, I guess he could feel preteen gateway
me tense."Don't worry, Bri, I won't hurt you. I promise you'll love it." he assured
me.I don't know why, but I instantly relaxed. I believed him. I somehow knew
that he would never hurt me. I preteen pussy images
started to feel something though that was
even more troubling to me. And it wasn't a preteen toppless feeling in my groin. It was a
lot higher. I was starting to have some very strong and warm feelings for
Ty which had nothing to do with sex. Dreams suddenly flashed in my head of
spending my life with him. But I quickly pushed them away! I was being
stupid! I'd just met him. I didn't even preteen banned sites really know him. And surely, he
wasn't going to fall in love with me. I doubted that anyone ever forbiden sexy preteen
would.He slowly withdrew his finger and moving close began to lick at my neck and
my ears while he wrapped me in his arms and caressed my body with his soapy
hands. I snuggled into his arm and moved my body against his. I could feel
his hard cock pressing into me and knew that somehow I was pleasing him."Your turn, now." he said.I turned in his arms and he continued to hold me. He leaned down and kissed
me passionately while his throbbing cock pressed against my body. He broke
the kiss and stepped back handing me the soap.Washing his beautiful, muscular body was the single most exciting thing I'd
ever done up to that point in my life. Running my hands over the soft skin
and feeling the steel beneath caused my cock to drip like a water faucet. I
let my hands travel everywhere - his chest, his abs, his shoulders and
arms. I even took his hands into mine and washed each one, lingering over
each strong finger. Then I finally moved down to his cock. I soaped his
pubic hair and felt the strength of the base of his erection. I let my
hands move down until I was gently holding and massaging his balls in their
furry sack. He groaned as I did this. I looked up and my eyes were met with
his. In them I saw a look of such desire, such horniness, that I knew I
couldn't linger much at this or he would lose his load right here in the
shower. And I didn't want it to end here.I stroked his cock a few times, pulling the foreskin down and catching a
whiff preteen angels magazine
of his cock-cheese. It was a strong, manly smell and it intrigued me
because it was so like my own. I'd never smelled it on another male before
so I had no idea that it would smell the same. I washed it away and put skinny girls preteen my
hands on his hips to turn him around. He turned and rested his arms on the
tile wall and let me preteen fucked incest
have at his backside.I massaged the muscles in his back, feeling their incredible strength. My
fingers moved in ways that I had only dreamed of being able to touch
another male. I was evidently doing the right things because he was soon
moaning as much as I had."Oh, God! That feels so good, Bri!" he moaned.I smiled to myself. I was giving him pleasure! I was so happy because that
is all I wanted to do. I hesitated but decided that it was ok for me to
move on. I slipped my hands down to his perfect 'bubble butt' and began to
try and massage the muscles there. I say 'try' because cute preteenboys the muscles were so
strong that I really had to dig to massage them - accompanied by more moans
from this beautiful Marine. As he had done, I slipped on hand into his
trench and felt the slight dusting of hair which lined it. I, too, stephi model preteen began to
stroke my finger up and down the furry crease until photosof preteen girls
I found the opening to
his body. I put my finger against it, wondering preteen kiddie models if it was ok for me to
press forward. That question was answered when Ty moved back against my
finger and his ass seemed to swallow it up. I found myself with my finger
embedded completely in his ass. And while it was warm and tight, I could
feel that one finger was not adequate. I slowly slipped my finger out of
his hole and pressed forward again with two. Soon, Ty was moaning my name
and giving me directions."Oh, Bri! That feels so fucking good! Yeah! Dig in my hole! Do you feel
that hard thing up in there? Yeah! That's it! Stroke it!" He moaned as I
continued to massage his 'joy button'."You'd better stop." he finally said, looking over his shoulder at me. "I
don't want to cum like this!"I agreed. We quickly rinsed the soap from our bodies and then dried each
other off and, this time, I took his hand and led him to my room and to my
bed.The End of Part 1 of THE MARINE NEXT DOORIf you like the story, please write me at Please don't
make plot suggestions as by the time msn preteen groups
you read this, the entire hidden preteen archives
story has
already been written.If you want to have a complete listing of my stories on NIFTY (the ONLY
place I post them) write me and I will gladly send it to you.And if you're reading this on NIFTY (more especially if you're not) please
consider making a donation to the site to keep it operating and free!Thank you,RimPig
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