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Subject: The Mastery of Table-Turning, Chapter ThirtyTHE MASTERY OF TABLE-TURNING[Alan Watson has hot bbs girls travelled far along the road to depravity within the past
fortnight. Head still spinning from some of the excesses to which he has
been subjected, the circle-jerk he experienced in underground bbs nude pics the Bickerstaffes' spa
bath is merely the latest in a series to test his growing appetite for
humiliation. After a night of reflection, occasioned by Louise's links bbs nudists advice, he
prepares himself for the last week of school before his holiday with
Richard Mayhew - a week in which the portrait must be finished, School
Sports Day accomplished, to say nothing of the board3 bbs imgboard paran charity auction, before
heading north bbs special
for the Cumbrian Fells.]CHAPTER THIRTY - On My Side of pic bbs the Street
All night long, in between fitful bouts of broken sleep, I had pondered
closely on what Louise Bickerstaffe had mumbled at me through her mouthful
of roast pork as we stood regarding each bbs board pix
other in the dining room doorway."If it's against your nature, much better elweb bbs kds
face the facts and settle for
playing on your own side of the street," she had said with a meaningful
look, to qualify her sudden top young models bbs advice not to marry.I'd immediately felt guilty wondering if our filthy little depravity in the
spa bath had been observed by her.Certainly, one had to reflect that, as a couple, they did not appear to be
a particularly good advertisement for the institution of marriage. He had a
drinking problem apparently and crossdresser blogs bbs she, an eating disorder, whilst the fruit
of their loins gave the very real impression of thriving on homosexual
incest. free bbs tgp models
As my late lamented grandmother would have remarked: "How different
from the home life of our own dear Queen!"Which side of the angels funs bbs
street did she think was my side? The same side as I
thought? Was I now convinced upon which side I wanted to play? I faced
facts. I was thirty and had never had sex with a girl. Up until two weeks
ago I had never had sex with a boy either. Now, I had, and I was filled
with lustful and excited thoughts of my week's holiday alone and in the
arms of Richard Mayhew. I grew hard instantly and pushed my hardness into
the mattress on which I lay face down. I balked a little at the thought
that Louise Bickerstaffe had seen through me so easily. I wondered if
Angela Mayhew had suspicions naked bbs teeny
too, then reasoned that she would hardly allow
me to spend a week alone with her son if so. nude pretteen bbs
That thought awoke Jiminy
Cricket within me again.My troubled conscience warred and struggled that futaba image bbs the right thing to do was
to pull out of the Lake District trip, and then I countered that argument
with the evidence that Richard young sex tgp bbs seemed far more secure with his sexuality
and the side of the street on which he played before ever I had appeared on
his patch of pavement. Indeed, I was beginning to suspect that he was more
than vaguely instrumental in ensuring I turned up for practice. How I
yearned for his naked body pressed against mine at that very moment! A week
seemed an interminable time to have to wait. I'd groaned into my pillow and
ground myself into the bed once more.Angela had confided she believed the holiday might young bbs bbs go some way to
distracting her son from hxxp bbs sex what she imagined to be his unfulfilled love
affair with some as yet unknown girl. I imagined bbs 5x100
how appalled any mother
would be if she had known she was in fact conspiring to fulfil child models top bbs his true
love affair - for it was with me. My heart leapt with the knowledge of
that, and I hugged myself with glee. Richard was so perfect teen model bbs top a specimen of
young lsm pics sun bbs manhood, and I rejoiced in my fortune that he looked sex bbs sites
more than fondly
upon me.* * *".... Marshall?""Sir.""Mayhew?""Sir."My cock jumped at the very sound of his voice, and he buzzed my vibrating
ring for one brief teasing moment of intimacy. I continued calling illegal bbs cp
register with as steady a voice as I could model bbs nude pedo muster under the circumstances
of my growing excitement."Mayhew, stop what you are going immediately, or you shall excite my
disapprobation," I said sternly, avoiding his eyes.Talbot turned round and jeered."Mayhew, leave hentia bbs
it alone, boy! You'll go blind. And you'll also have to
start shaving the palms of your hands," he mocked outrageously.The buzzing subsided under the mounting derisive laughter, and we left for
assembly.After the religious service pedo top bbs came general notices. The headmaster reminded
School that all lessons would end at mid-morning break on Friday, the rest
of the day being set aside for Sports Day. He also set about drumming up
enthusiasm for the Parents' Association very small titties bbs charity bbs erotica
auction which was to be
held in the school hall on Wednesday evening. The worthwhile cause they had
chosen to support this year was "Sports Relief", and the items generously
submitted for auction were as varied as a fortnight's holiday on the Isle
of Man, a meal for four at the Imperial Gate Chinese Restaurant, or a night
out with Mr Hartley. extreme pedo bbs The latter item produced some good-humoured hilarity
and we left the stage in high spirits in this beginning of the last week of
the half-term, and indeed the last week of lessons for the fifth and
upper-sixth form groups, since exams would start shortly after the return
to school after the holiday.My double portal sex bbs revision period with my upper-sixth group passed without any
incident. The mood was of sensible and earnest study as we set about
clarifying and refreshing a few points from the general syllabus that had
been studied in depth at the beginning of the course. At mid-morning break,
Dave Whalley came acrossthe Common Room to me as I drank my tea to confirm
my availability for stewardship of the high-jumping competition once more
for Sports Day. It was not a particularly arduous or onerous task and so I
accepted my posting quite happily. I found putting the shot or throwing the
javelin with all the walking backwards and forwards and measuring,
mind-blowingly boring, and had been much relieved to have avoided either of
those events in recent years.The fifth year were having French orals after break so that meant I was
free, and Derek Bamforth came up to me and asked if I would pose for Jason
Farnworth instead. With a heavy heart, I agreed. After all, each sitting
meant the portrait was nearing completion, and so my embarrassing ordeal
would be over that much quicker. Frank Hartley, the auctioneer for the
charity auction, came and asked if I bbs teen imgboard would sign the rugby ball that had
been nestling in my groin during the painting of the portrait and enter it
as one of the lots board3 paran bbs
to be bid for. I agreed, of course. Suddenly realising
my cock ring was about to be innocent teen bbs revealed, I darted kinder nude bbs out of the Common Room to
try and track down one of my masters, ls land island bbs
trusting to luck they had an Allen
Key with them.Dame Fortune was certainly smiling upon me, for I immediately bumped into
Phil Marshall who produced the key and readily followed me to my study. naked youth bbs I
was, however, put little stars bbs pics fully through my paces by him, having to strip off my
trousers and underpants, and to tuck my shirt right up into my armpits, my
chin holding it up to expose my young naked models bbschilporn bbs chest hair and nipples, then to stand, feet
wide apart, upon my desk with my hands clasped behind my head. They called
it "assuming the position."Once free of their restraint, my testicles rose and fell with gay abandon,
disporting themselves in the manner of young animals when bbs imageboard model
released after a
night's confinement in stables or kennels.I was permitted to dark gallery bbs
dress again and told that I should receive a teen nn bbs visit that
night for it to be restored to its rightful place. I thrilled at thai bbs art the
prospect of best part of a day without having the weight and constriction
of it. It was bbs pubescent
being left off for so long because there was to be another
session with the artist after school.Stripped completely svens storyboard bbs naked and assuming the position required by Jason
Farnworth, I felt less self-conscious somehow. Derek Bamforth porn bbs yong said I was
relaxing into it. beauty teen bbs
Certainly my penis was a lot more relaxed and laid back
than the last time I was forced to pose. young toplist bbs
Even the unexpected appearance of
the headmaster did not worry me unduly."Ah, Mr bbs thumb
Watson, you're an absolute brick," he commented with an absent
smile, "an absolute brick."I did start, however, when he stepped aside to admit nude bbs kds pedo
a strange man and
woman."This is Mr Watson, one of our English masters whomanaged to achieve more
than a degree forum bbs board of notoriety on the games field during a recent First Fifteen
versus bbs boys ru
Staff Team match when, despite being disadvantaged by disintegrating
kit, he went on to score a magnificent try. He is at present gallantly
recreating the moment to be captured bbs young pic in oils by our exhibition scholar
Jason Farnworth. And this is Mr Bamforth, the art master," he added with an
airy gesture towards Derek almost as an afterthought."Acrylics, Headmaster," Derek corrected him.The headmaster regarded him blankly for a moment."I beg your pardon?""Acrylics. That's the medium Jason is using - not oil paint," he explained."Ah, I see, acrylics," he tapped the side of his head elaborately as ls kds bbs pics
enlightened.The woman stared at me, voraciously devouring my nudity. Her husband was
almost as avid in his interest. I felt alarmingly vulnerable."I knew you wouldn't mind me popping in with these prospective parents, Mr
Watson," the Head continued, "what with your having disported yourself so
willingly for the media already on several occasions.""That's right. I think I saw you flashing your bum on Friday incest girls boys bbs night at the
rugby club," the man volunteered with a leery grin.As one, the head, Derek and Jason Farnworth turned and looked at me in more
than mild surprise. I wanted the floor to open, but had to launch into an
explanation as to how I had been prevailed upon to disport myself in just a
jockstrap in order to gain the club maximum publicity."My, my, Mr Watson, you darkbbs nudist are darkcollection bbs ru fast achieving notoriety, almost, for your
media exposure - if you'll pardon my little pun," the Headmaster tittered.Sitting stark naked with only a rugby ball to clutch to me, entering into
small talk with one's tgp bbs littles
employer and pedo ilegal bbs two total strangers is a wholly
invidious experience I would not wish upon my worst enemy. The
nightmare-like quality never left me. My manners upbraided me, however, for
remaining seated in front of a standing lady, though I salved my conscience
somewhat by trying to assure myself that no lady would stare quite as much
as she was doing. And if indeed I did stand, I convinced myself I should
only succeed in giving her more at which to stare.After closely cross-questioning Farnworth as they studied the partially
complete painting I had not been permitted to see, wanting to know why he
had bothered painting in my genitals if they were to be concealed from view
by the rugby ball, and bbs sixteen nude pics
also wanting to know if I had posed without the ball
for the boy, they finally left to tour other bbs bikini hairless parts of the school with the
head as their genial guide. He lil teens bbs
had repeated his little bon mot about Mr
Watson, as they could young girls bbs sites
see from the portrait, being not only porn pedo bbs
well-hung but
that I might well be hung in the Royal Academy as well. They had chuckled
politely as their inquisitive eyes had pored over my flesh for the last
time.As I hurriedly dressed upon the bell being sounded, Mr Bamforth kept out
the fourth-formers model bbs lsm
until I was ready to leave. After I passed out of the
art room, my clothing fully restored to me, Farnworth Minor called out:
"Have you been posing in the nude for super bbs models my prepubescent bbs girls brother again just now, Sir?" I
walked on.The entire lunch hour ls magazine bbs preview was dark bbs gallerys
wholly uneventful, except I was asked to
supervise some high-jump practice on the spare ground outside the sports
store, so the big white girls bbs
landing cushions did not have to be dragged too
far. There, particularly the younger boys wished to hone and improve the
showier aspects of their Fosbury Flops.Afternoon lessons passed without incident and following a quickly snatched
cup of tea at four o'clock, I once more reported to the art studio and
began to disrobe. Derek Bamforth, the art master, lollitas petits bbs let me see his various
lightning sketches of my naked pose, and I was infinitely relieved to note
he had left my facial features fairly anonymous. He did appear, however, to
have some sort of embarrassing fixation about the max bbs size of my reproductive
equipment, which was frequently portrayed by him in lurid detail lolling in
bloated distended fashion on little top bbs
either thigh, finishing only girl bbs hxxp fractionally
above my kneecap. Self-consciously, I commented on this exaggeration which
he claimed not to have noticed. He then ventured an opinion that it must
have been something deeply psychological bbs kdz with him, as he always drew
women's tits too big also.As I stood, clasping the ball to my nether regions and glancing at Derek's
efforts, Jason entered the room and went to retrieve his painting from its
locker and I moved to take up my pose."Well, if Mr Bamforth's shown you his, then I suppose I ought to show you
mine, since it's so nearly finished, Sir," Jason said suddenly with a
little sigh.The double entendre of what he had said did not go unnoticed, but I ignored
it and moved in grateful anticipation towards his canvas.It was stunning. I was portrayed with an almost photographic ptsc models bbs intensity of
style, and yet, bigger and bolder than young girls bbs in life. The face had been captured
extremely well, I had to admit, but it was the expression in world pedo bbs pics my eyes that
haunted me. I had been more than stripped naked by this young artist. He
had seen into and exposed my very soul. Written across my face, my pose,
the entire thing, was the deeply seared sexual thrill I clearly experienced
from being stripped of my dignity and subjected to total grovelling
humiliation and degradation. I was more shamingly, transparently nude on
the canvas than I had ever been in life, and the haunting thought that this
was to be displayed to generations of pupils for evermore was horrifically
unnerving. My chest hair was graphically drawn, my enlarged nipples,
emphasised like crimson wing nuts, betraying a sexual excitement or
awareness that bbs 15 nude was almost obscene. My hair-surrounded navel was worryingly
vagina-like, giving a disturbingly hermaphroditic style to the work. But
the pice de resistance lol zaipal bbs pedo was undoubtedly the portrayal of my
genitalia. My swollen and glossy-stalked penis had been captured in
lovingly lubricious detail; the scarlet bbs models angel peeled-back head so realistically
moist one was almost tempted bbs child sex movie
to reach out and touch. The bbs gold petite vids wrinkling of the
scrotum beneath was so unbelievably life-like that it was hard to believe
the effect had been captured in paint. The whole thing was positively
pornographic, having been imbued with an erotic, carnal salaciousness that
was shocking beyond belief. My wide splayed thighs china teen porn bbs spoke volumes as to my
libidinous thoughts, and even my winking anus was on open view.I was appalled at how revelatory ls magazine nude bbs the butterfinger bbs whole thing was. I lay stripped of all
pretence, bare-faced, bare-souled, bare-arsed. Tears pricked at my eyes. My
throat was thick and full. I began to tremble uncontrollably and I felt my
penis thicken and lengthen against the leather of the rugby ball.Derek Bamforth broke the silence."Very fine," lola bbs pics he murmured in awe. "This 6 14 forbiden bbs is your very best brushwork to date,
Jason."I blinked my eyes furiously and met Jason's penetrating gaze."So what do you kds porn bbs vombat think, Mr Watson? I'd like to know your opinion," he asked
steadily."I am totally overwhelmed," I gasped breathlessly bbs forum sexc with a shrug. "You have
exposed far more of me than I knew possible," I whispered as an
afterthought."It seems almost a shame to add the rugby ball," Derek said reverentially,
pointing at the bluish vein that almost pulsed in my engorged penis."I'm not going to," he said.My heart stopped."But you must," Derek urged. "Why, it's almost pornographic without
it. Besides which, the Head would never put it on display with Mr Watson`s
bits on show.""I know. That's why I'm not giving it to him."My mind was in a turmoil."But . . . ?" Derek interjected."I'm going to do another for the Head."Relief flooded through me, weakening me. This was followed by another surge
of alarm."If - if you're - you're not giving this one, what's going to happen to
it?" I stammered anxiously."I'm klass bbs archive
going to enter it for the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy."My heart began to drill a tattoo upon my ribcage. The Head's words had
proved to be prophetic. I might pedo rusia bbs very well be hung there after all - in all
my naked glory, and far bbs lsm photo link
more alarmingly virgin elite bbs
revealed than I had ever deemed
possible.I bbs teen ls
stared at my troubling and thoroughly disconcerting image in absolute
dismay.One dark cp bbs ls
brief look into my eyes in the portrait was more darkcollections bbs galleries than enough to tell
you exactly which side of the street I enjoyed playing upon. Of teen bbs y tgp
that, there
was dark side bbs list
no possible, probable shadow of doubt, whatever.
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