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From: Frank Calder
Subject: Michael and his Dad - part IIThe preteen bikini thumbs
positive feedback I got after I posted Part I encourages me to post
this Part II. Just a few words before we start:
- this is a work of imagination and not a real-life story, young preteen ru however
much I would like it to be.
- preteens russian movies I have still to decide whether I preteen sock model
identify with Michael or with his
Dad, which - to a point - is an added advantage as it hairy preteens pics allows me to
re-read my own stories from both points of view. Double personality,
double pleasure sorridente
- Michael's mouth is the sole receptacle of his Dad's semen. preteen nonnude samples There
might be some light anal play from time to time (as in this second
part) but preteen angels full the two will never actually engage in sodomy. So now you
know. pass xxx preteen
I welcome any suggestion of situations asian preteen porno in which Michael might
receive his Dad's semen onto his face or in his mouth. These may sweet nude preteen
very degrading (see preteen bra pics Part III...) but Michael will always perform
deliberately and will never be forced by his Dad who loves him
dearly.Finally, let me add that nn bbs preteens English is not my mother tongue. This explains
- and exonerates? - the odd improprieties that might pop up here preteen modles xxx
there. Thanks.------------------------Michael and his Dad - Part II
(having read Part preteen naturalist girls I is preteen pics nude not absolutely necessary preteen models csm but might help
understand better)
It was a Saturday. Dad and I had polish pissing preteens
just come back from a football match
and I was getting undressed when the phone rang.Dad picked it up."Hello? [...] Hey! Hi, John. How are you doing? [...] What! [...] He
didn't, did he? [...] Oh! Shit! [...] What about his wife and kids?
[...]"I will youth pussy preteen not rewrite the whole conversation but I clearly understood preteen gays images
someone had died. It turned out to be one of Dad's friends from school,
a certain young incest preteens
Harry, who'd had a car accident.Dad was not that close to him - they had not met for several years -
and he was not shattered by the news. He was, however, very upset
because it was the first person of his generation that had passed away.
I suspect he was more affected by the implication for himself - time
was flying by, he was not getting any younger, one day preteen cum shots it will be
him... - than by the actual demise of Harry.When I came out of my room - naked - I found Dad sitting on the floor,
his back to the wall, staring at the carpet between his legs spread
open in front of him.I know Dad and I could tell he was rusian preteens
not so much sad as disturbed. I
walked to him tgp preteen girl
and knelt between his legs, facing him. preteen godess photos
I put hottest russian preteens
my hands
behind his shoulders and gently pulled him nudist girl preteens to me. I hugged him, preteen home alone his
head against my belly and I even rocked him a bit and kissed his hair.
I tried to make him feel as good as he usually makes me feel when he
hugs me.After preteen actress nude a few minutes he lifted his face, looked at me and smiled. There
was so much love in his look I thought I would melt of happiness."Thanks preteens naked torrent Michael. I love you so much. I am so preteen lia galleries
lucky to have you.""Hey! That's MY line!" I playfully complained.He chuckled and threw his arms around me. Pulling me preteen model xx
to him he made me
sit between his legs, my back against his belly. He wrapped his arms
around my shoulders and rested his mouth on the top of my head, kissing
me softly.We underage preteen toplists
stayed silently like that for a while then we pre teen temptations
started to compare
thoughts on the football match. As it is not very easy buns girl preteen to speak to
someone when you don't preteen jailbait gallery
see them I turned angel gallery preteen
around a preteen gallery forum
bit so I could face
him. He bent alt sex preteen his left leg up and I rested my back against his thigh. He
rested his right hand on my preteen porn new
right thigh, not far from my crotch. As we
spoke he absent-mindedly started to gently stroke the inside of my leg
and, slowly working his way up, he was soon stroking my testicles and
my now erect penis.He then pulled my right leg over his and slightly lifted his knee."Open your legs for me, son" he whispered."Yes, Dad."With his left arm around young hard preteens
my shoulder his hand got hold of preteen nudes 13 my leg behind
my petit preteen model left knee and he held it. I could hardly exclusive preteens bbs
have been more open for
him.I put my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes, enjoying his stroking
of my crotch. Little by little he moved on to preteens pissing stroke my scrotum and
eventually reached my anus. He gently stroked it and pressed his finger
ever so gently onto it."Relax, son" he whispered.He brought his finger to his mouth and coated it with saliva. Returning
to my anus preteen modell virgin he gently pushed it inside a little, then out again. I was
totally relaxed and he was soon preteen beatiality
able to insert the first two knuckles
of his middle finger. Excited as I was my anus must have been producing
some kind of natural lubricant because it seemed easier and easier for
his finger to move in and out.The feeling was incredible. I nude american preteens had never preteen underground video
played with my anus and I xxx preteens sex did
not know it was possible to derive so much pleasure from this area of
my body. I soon came all over my belly without even touching myself.Dad gently took his finger out of my anus and, with another finger, he
scooped my semen and fed it to me. I sucked his preteen blowjob clips finger clean several
times until my sexy preteen
all the semen on my belly had disappeared.By then, Dad's legs were stiff and he had to stand preteenz info biz
up and stretch.
Kneeling in front of him I reached for his zip and released the erect
penis that was making a pretty big bulge under his jeans.I wanted to take it in my mouth and suck it but Dad got hold of preteens nymphets model
it with
his hand and started to masturbate quite vigorously. I sat back on preteen ass underage
preteen sexe my
heels, tilted my preteens hairy pussys
head backwards and opened my mouth."When I come, don't swallow immediately, son. I want to see it gather
in your mouth first."He approached preteenie weenie nude
his penis and rested it on my lower lip without inserting
it inside my mouth.Then he came.Over and over, white spurts appeared at free amateur preteen
the tip of his gland and fell
onto my tongue preteen info guide slowly filling horney preteen pussy my mouth and bathing my lower teeth. The
now familiar preteen japanese sluts
smell of Dad's semen filled the air around my face and I
deeply inhaled.When he was done preteen models panty ejaculating he knelt in front of me. With his eyes
full of paternal pride at seeing my open mouth filled with his preteen anal semen he
kissed my forehead and preteen topless hot said:"You're a good boy, Michael. sweet naked preteens You can swallow, now."I did and he preteen nudists gallery
kissed my lips. preteen fisten I spent the rest of the afternoon with the
taste of Dad in upskirt preteen fotos my mouth and I loved it. I felt so close preteen art 3d
to him, so
safe and so loved that I was more than ever preteen pics 14
happy to be his boy. Happy
to belong to him.------------------------Michael preteen male and his Dad - part IIIOne day Dad pre teens underwear came back from work and said he'd had what he called 'an
accident'. He was really tired on that day - from watching little preteen com a late
football match the night before - and he had chill cp preteen fallen asleep in the
underground. While asleep he'd had a wet dream and had free preteens nonude come in his
underwear."Never preteen incest topsites
thought this would happen to me at 49..."We both laughed at that and I said:"Don't worry, Dad. I'll take care of it."As usual I walked with him to the sofa and knelt at his feet. I slowly
pulled his shirt out of his trousers and undid the three lower buttons.
I nastia preteens opened his shirt over his belly (Dad is not fat but slightly chubby).
I then undid his belt and his fly. He lifted his discount preteen sites hips and I pulled his
trousers which I folded up and put away. I asked him preteen photo boy to preteen nudes net
slide down a
little and sit at the edge of the sofa. I then slowly pulled his
underwear down his legs and over his feet. It was preteen girl candid indeed full of semen
and candid japanese preteen
I put it on the coffee table to wash later. I then turned to Dad's
crotch and saw that it preteens incest bbs was covered in semen too. He must have come a
lot because there was semen all over his pubic hair, all over his
shrivelled up penis, all over his testicles and even along his scrotum
almost all the way to his anus.That's where I started. I asked Dad to lift his legs in the nymphets preteens nude air and
open them wide. I crawled to him on all fours and started licking his
anus and his scrotum preteen image
clean. I then preteen nasty model thoroughly circled around his
testicles until there was no trace of semen left there either. It was
more difficult cleaning his pubic hair as I had to suck on them to get
them clean. Finally, I took his flacid penis in my mouth and licked as
much as I could from it. I pulled his foreskin back so I could lick all
around his gland and I was surprised to see that there was quite a lot
of semen trapped underneath. Because I know what Dad likes I did not
immediately swallow this last preteens neuken load but I sat up on his lap and he
hugged me. I then opened my mouth for him so he could see his semen
bathing my tongue."Good boy. I am proud of you. You make me real proud when I see you
with my semen on your face, on your lips preteens latinas model or on your tongue. Keep your
mouth open, don't swallow but turn your preteen dreams galleries tongue inside your mouth so I
can see it move around. Go on. Do this for Daddy. Make daddy proud of
his boy. That's it. Good preteen hot modela boy. Gooood boy... You can swallow now,
Michael. I love you."I knelt back between his legs but all that had fashion preteen nn me very excited. I was
hard as a rock. Dad told me he would help me pink preteen tgp
release myself. He
positioned me on all fours between his legs, my butt facing him and my
head facing the television. Leaning forward he proceeded to masturbate
me with his best preteen tits
right hand while, with the left, he played with my nipples.
When I came he cupped his hand in front of my penis and I filled it
with sperm. He told me to stay on all fours but to turn around and face
him and he held his hand in front of my face. I drank my own semen preteens handjob off
his hand and teen bikini preteen
licked it clean."That's my boy who knows how to please Daddy."We europe preteen
eventually sat in our usual position and started to watch
television. Then Dad noticed his underwear on the coffee table next to
him. He folded it so the semen-stained area was on the outside. He held
it in front of me and casually said:"Here, son."I stuck my tongue out and licked as much as ukraine preteens nude I could but the fabric
itself was soaked. I opened my mouth a little and Dad gently pushed his
underwear inside. I sucked bbs freedom preteen
on it for an hour, until the film was over.I polish preteen model loved every second of that evening because I could preteen toplist schoolgirl see Dad was really
happy. And Dad's happiness is the source of mine.------------------------Comments and suggestions welcome at: calderfrank at yahoo dot com
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